Üleilmne konsultatsioonifirmade võrgustik Cornerstone on nüüd Eestis esindatud

Executive Lab, owned and managed by its founder, Tonis Arro, has joined Cornerstone International Group - one of the top ten retained search organizations in the world.  Tonis Arro has created the executive search industry in the region and managed the leading headhunting and human resources consulting companies in Baltic Countries for 20 years. He has also worked for international search and consulting assignments in different EU and CEE countries. Based on well-established networks, ideal geographic position and excellent language skills, Tonis Arro will also by necessity handle search assignments in Finland and Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia. 

According to Tonis Arro, Estonia being an ideal bridge between West and East, it is also an excellent location for handling search assignments targeting different territories and with its excellent business culture and high-quality professional workforce it is a great source country for international employment assignments. 

Contact:   William Guy, Chairman & CEO
Tel: 1-213-489-6888; Fax: 1-818-509-1704
Email: billguy@cornerstoneintl.com
Website: www.cornerstone-group.com 

Contact:   Tonis Arro, Managing Partner
Executive Lab (Cornerstone Baltics)
Tel: +372 50 48 929; Fax: +372-617 7311 
Email: tonis.arro@executivelab.eu
In english: www.executivelab.eu
In Estonian: www.executivelab.ee